Why Invisalign?

The biggest advantage of Invisalign is the comfort during orthodontic treatment. Wire or braces will not poke your cheek or lips. You don’t have to rush to your orthodontic office to fix broken brackets or wire poking.

You can eat anything with Invisalign. You just need to take out the Invisalign trays when you eat. Invisalign is especially beneficial to adult orthodontic patients.

Why seoul USC Orthodontics for Invisalign?

Treatment results of Invisalign relies heavily on Invisalign treating doctors. You don’t get the same Invisalign trays from different orthodontic clinics.

Seoul USC Orthodontic is top Invisalign provider in Korea. Dr. Kim lectured about Invisalign in various scientific congresses including Korean association of orthodontists.

Dr.Kim has been actively treating patients with Invisalign since 2014 when Invisalign was quite new in Korea.