Mini braces: tiny but Super fast treatment

Seoul USC Orthodontic’s cutting edge orthodontic technique. Mini braces is one of the smallest orthodontic appliances in the world. It is usually used when aligning front teeth only. When compared with traditional braces, limited orthodontic treatment of front teeth offers variety of advantages.

  1. Safer for weak and loose tooth- Mini braces use very thin and light wire. So orthodontic force is very light but effective. This mini braces are indicated as the 1st choice for patients with periodontitis.
  2. No lip irritation- Traditional silver (metal) or ceramic braces are bulky. Many adult patients complain of braces rubbing their lips. Mini- braces is so compact that it does not irritate lips or cheek.
  3. No discomfort when eating- Because back teeth bite is maintained, chewing is almost the same after placing the Mini braces.
  4. For kids who can’t brush well, Mini braces doesn’t collect much plaque or tartar because it is too small. Self-cleansing is possible with saliva and lip activity.
Super fast alignment of crooked front teeth


  1. Underbite correction- Only in 2 weeks, treatment was completed easily with Mini Braces .

No facemask or other fancy appliance was used. Only with Mini-braces.

2. Blocked out front teeth, Periodontist and bone loss, Underbite in one tooth

This patient’s upper right central incisor is short. Moderate to severe periodontist is present in the front teeth. They are loose. The patient was wondering if orthodontic treatment is possible. Mini braces is best for these patients.

3. Super-fast straightening of front teeth

” My friend in the States is doing Invisalign and is jealous of me. My teeth move so fast. My husband and I check every day. “

Teeth moves very fast with the Mini braces. Because it uses light force and is physiologic. If orthodontic force is too strong, teeth moves slowly due to protective cell response.

This lady started treatment 5 weeks ago.

Upper picture was taken today. Within 6 weeks, teeth moved quite a lot.

I will post the progress picture soon.